“Baseball is the lion show of the circus.” – DuPage Drones Owner Josh Schaub

August 3, 2016

You’re a baseball fan, right? And your wife…is a baseball fan too. The kids like baseball and they love being the center of attention. Maybe the older kids would even like a night out at the ballpark.

It’s a beautiful summer night and you want to go out and enjoy an evening of quality baseball, have some food, and knock back a couple of beers. Ok. Let’s make a list:

Quality, competitive baseball

Nice stadium

Something for kids



Good food


Wait a second. Some team called the DuPage Drones is playing their final regular season game on Saturday night. First pitch is 6:30 at the Village of Lisle – Benedictine University Sports Complex.

WillCountyBaseball.org wandered out to nearby Lisle to talk professional baseball with DuPage Drones owner Josh Schaub, General Manager Evan Gersonde and his Assistant GM Aaron Graff.

WCB.org was seeking an answer to the question: What sells baseball? It was the wrong question. The question should have been, “What does baseball sell?”

There are no gimmicks. People want to see high quality baseball and enjoy a summer night.

Not enough baseball fans in the area realize how affordable and accessible this experience really is. The DuPage Drones are one of several local companies putting on a professional baseball show. Schaub and his team are well-schooled in the business of baseball; and it shows from the minute you walk into the park to the minute you leave.

1980-01-01 00.01.36
GM Evan Gersonde and Assistant GM Aaron Graff taking care of business.

Listen to Josh Schaub and Evan Gersonde talk about baseball by the numbers – team stats or tonight’s attendance. The bottom line is winning ball games. Great baseball talk.

Young people interested in sports business should listen to Assistant GM Aaron Graff talk about his passion for the game and his prospective career.

Hey, baseball fan. Let’s check your list.

Quality, competitive baseball

prospect_leagueThe DuPage Drones play in the Prospect League. The Prospect League is a wood bat league made up of mostly college players from all over the country. These “kids” are entering their young 20s and are shifting their careers into serious mode. These guys want to prove that hitting with a wood bat is not an obstacle to future consideration.

Prospects leave high school and either play professionally or go to school. Some are caught in between. The Prospect League, which spans from Missouri to West Virginia, is ranked fourth out of about 50 professional leagues around the country.

Serious coaches want experience coaching serious young players. Drones’ Head Caoch Joe Lincoln is an intense guy who likes what Schaub and the business side are doing.

Joe Lincoln Named Inaugural Lisle Field Manager

Listen to Coach Lincoln talk about the Drones playoff push and his relationship with the front office:

Nice Stadium

IMG_0252The Village of Lisle – Benedictine University Sports Complex is a really gorgeous baseball facility. The field sprawls across the campus of Benedictine University with all the college accoutrements. The diamond is in immaculate condition. The grounds are relatively new and extremely well-kept.

The stands are expertly constructed with plenty of room. The lighting and setting of the sun make a picturesque setting for 6:30 starts.

Something for kids

IMG_0244Drones require technical expertise on the field, in the office, and in federal airspace. The air show is in the capable hands of Kameron Norwood. Norwood builds his own aircraft and keeps up to date on FAA regulations. Listen to Kameron talk about Drones.

(Best interview ever for WCB.org)

The Drone Show is one of myriad promotions that Schaub and his team pull off every home game. The Drones are heavily influenced by legendary minor league organizations like the St. Paul Saints and Durham Bulls.

The closeness of the game, the audience, and the entertainment makes the experience come alive for kids. Younger kids don’t care if it’s the Cubs or the Drones.


Benedictine University is located at 5700 College Road in Lisle. Metra swings through Lisle, and both I-355 and I-88 are minutes away. A baseball fan could make it from Chicago or Southern Will County in less than an hour.

Parking is free.

Good food

1980-01-01 00.00.21Brady McCall handles the concession stand, and he’s not messing around. This isn’t Wrigley, and you get your food hot in about two minutes. Brady has a plan if the lines get backed up.

You can get two solid cheeseburgers and a coke for about 10 bucks.


So you want to chill out, watch baseball, and have a couple of beers. No problem. The Drones are happy to accommodate fans with $3 Miller Lites on Thirsty Thursdays among other promotions.

There you go. No excuses.

If you’re a baseball fan looking for a game in the area check out the DuPage Drones. It’s a professional baseball experience. Josh Schaub, Evan Gersonde, and Aaron Graff are part of a very cool group of young people producing a quality product. Schaub is an entrepreneur providing solid summer jobs for a lot of smart, ambitious employees. It’s a great show, and something you’ll feel good about paying for.

DuPage Drones Airspace

Photography provided by Carrington Spires (Instagram: carrington_spires)

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josh_schaub  (from Dronesbaseball.com)

Josh has worked in professional baseball since 2005. He most recently was owner and CEO of the Joliet Slammers of the Frontier League. Josh has held positions including scout, director of player procurement and league operations specialist. Josh serves as associate scout to the Milwaukee Brewers. He spends the balance of his time as a practicing attorney with a focus on corporate and sports law.

About Attorney Joshua E. Schaub

DuPage Drones

Twitter @DronesBaseball

Instagram @dronesbaseball



Main photo by Carrington Spires (Instagram: carrington_spires).

DuPage Drones’ General Manager Evan Gersonde (left) talks baseball with owner Josh Schaub.


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