No Second Places in Cooperstown

February 11, 2017

On December 16th posted an article about the 12U Illinois Hitmen from Plainfield who finished second place in a national tournament at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

The 12U Illinois Hitmen: Hall of Famers

Tracy Baranoski was the focus of the feature.

At the time Tracy was second place on a waiting list for a liver transplant from the Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Transplant Center in St. Louis.

On January 24th Tracy got a phone call; and on the 25th she was in surgery for a liver transplant.

I was diagnosed with Budd Chiari and Polycythemia Vera caused by a JAK-2 mutation that one out of one million people are diagnosed with. Those who have been diagnosed usually are in their 60’s. I was diagnosed when I was 40.

Seven years ago I was given six months to live. With the power of prayer from many loved ones and a positive attitude, I am at the top of the list to be transplanted at Barnes in St. Louis.

It is rather costly to not only get a transplant, but to be on 32 prescription drugs afterwards. Part of the treatment is numerous trips to St. Louis with hotel stays, etc.

I am a kindergarten teacher who loves what I do, but had to make the choice to take a leave of absence to take care of my health. I am hoping that I can recover and move on with my life so I can continue being a mother to my two beautiful children, and continue to educate the young scholars of tomorrow.

Tracy Baranoski, December 2016

We started a Go Fund Me page for Tracy with a goal of $10,000. As of today we have raised almost $7,000. Tracy’s story has been a miracle. And the incredible generosity shown by old friends, new friends, and complete strangers has also been a miracle.

We will continue Tracy’s Go Fund Me until we reach our goal. Any amount that surpasses the $10,000 goal will be donated to Tracy’s charity of choice.

Tracy’s liver transplant is also a miracle of the world class medical science and technology provided by Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. Her journey is her own incredible will mixed with love and faith. would like to send a huge Thank You to everyone who has contributed.

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